psychic reading 30 minutes

During a psychic reading, I will connect with your energy field in order to give you insights into several areas of your life. During a psychic reading, we can cover relationships, career, spirituality, finances etc. While predictions may be a part of the reading, you are in charge of the outcome of these predictions. Also, they can be influenced by anyone else who may be involved in the prediction.
reading length:
reading length:

mediumship reading 60 minutes

During this type of reading, I will establish a connection with your loved ones in the spirit world. I will bring through evidence of their presence such as gender, relationship to you, cause and/or circumstances of death, personality, etc. Then, I will allow your loved ones to bring through messages of love, encouragement, and/or guidance.
reading length:

combination reading 60 minutes

During this type of reading, I will connect with your loved ones as well as give you psychic guidance in any area of your life.
reading length:

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